Plug and Play Berlin calling!



FIBRES is one of the startups appearing at Plug and Play Berlin, Batch 0

The program is a platform aiming to create face-to-face interaction between corporations and startups, and to build engaging relationships with long-lasting effects. Current corporate participants include ALBA and TUI Group, among others. Plug and Play Berlin are looking to start hosting new batches twice a year.

“As a part of our journey towards building the perfect strategy platform, we are so happy to be part of the Plug and Play, Batch 0, in Berlin! Last year we participated another Plug and Play venture, Startup Autobahn Program #2  in Stuttgart. Results from that program exceeded our expectations, and now, with Batch 0 in Berlin, we are looking forward to experiencing even more great outcomes. So far, both these programs have offered a great expressway into contacts with the right people within major organizations that normally would be difficult to reach for a startup or an early-stage company.”

“Our own vision is based on a growing demand for structured futures thinking, for smart strategy tools, and for collaborative work methods. To add value to strategic management – a little help from AI-assistance under the hood, for example – is what we always focus on. We truly want to build the perfect strategy platform” says Panu Kause, CEO at FIBRES.

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Necorpoint is the developer of FIBRES the perfect strategy platform. FIBRES is a web app for AI-assisted collaboration on future trends and strategy. It also connects the users and providers of trend research.